Remarkable Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

An introduction to tea- our everyday friend.

The liquor, which we call tea, is basically a part and parcel of our day to day life. Most of the times, we can actually feel that after having a cup of warm tea we feel so refreshed and energized.

Some people cannot even go without having tea for a single day. Well, a better option also exists! You can replace your normal tea with Green Tea for some extra benefits.

Origin of Green tea

Green tea is actually a kind of tea, which comes from the leave of Camellia sinensis, which are not made to undergo the processes of weathering and oxidation that are used to make normal black tea.

As a matter of fact, Green tea has its origin from China. Presently the production of green tea has spread to a lot of Asian countries.

The history of Green tea actually originates in China. Certain legendary stories claim that the consumption of Green Tea had started during the rule of Emperor Shennong.

The most important benefits of having Green Tea

Green tea is actually considered one of the best beverages in the world that can help you a lot to keep your body healthy.

There are a huge number of benefits of green tea. I will give you the entire list of benefits that you can get when you have been consuming green tea for some time!

Let me enlighten you guys with some of the most important benefits of green tea. Follow these points I am going to mention below:

1. Acts as a Powerhouse for Antioxidants
2. Helps in the treatment of cancer
3. Lowers the levels of Cholesterol
4. Boost your Immunity levels
5. Helps in Improving your Digestion
6. Helps to enhance your Heart Health
7. Helps to Boost your Memory
8. Helps to reduce your cravings for Sugar
9. Boosts your Energy level and Alertness
10. Helps a lot to Reduce Stress
11. Helps to Promote Healthy Skin
12. Acts as an Anti-Ageing agent
13. Helps in losing a good amount of weight

Now let us have a quick glance at how Green tea helps you to improve your beauty.

Enhances the Complexion of your Skin

Green tea helps to improve your skin complexion. Not only this, it also makes your skin very healthy. It actually acts by helping to flush out the harmful toxins from your skin and even heals your scars as well as blemishes.
What is more, it also helps to increase the elasticity of your skin. A study conducted by scientists at the Medical College of Georgia clearly proved showed that green tea helps in rejuvenating your skin. It can also be used as a means to treat several types of skin diseases.

1. Green tea helps to reduce your dark circles and puffy eyes

The tannins and antioxidants that are present in green tea help treat puffy eyes as well as dark circles. They actually assist in shrinking the blood vessels that are beneath the skin around your eyes. This helps to reduce the swelling. In addition to it, the Vitamin K present in Green tea also helps to lighten your dark circles.

2. Green tea helps to fight your aging

Green tea consists of antioxidants that are extremely useful as anti-aging agents. These actually help to slow down the aging process of our body as well as the skin. It helps to prevent your skin from getting saggy.

Polyphenols are certain substances found in green tea which help to reduce as well as neutralize harmful free radicals.

3. Green tea helps in the treatment of pimples and acne

Catechins are certain chemicals that are found in Green tea. They actually act as agents to fight those bacteria that cause acne. Catechins also help to prevent the hormonal imbalance in your body. Hormonal imbalances are actually the main reason behind acne and pimples. Studies have revealed that green tea also helps to reduce the swelling that is often caused due to acne.

4. Green tea even acts as a skin toner

Green tea, when taken for a long time, helps to remove impurities from the skin. It helps to reduce large pores and makes the skin healthy. Green tea also helps in hydrating your skin, thus making your skin extremely soft.
It is also found to cure skin problems like rosacea and psoriasis.

5. Green tea helps in maintaining long hair and helps in hair growth

Green tea contains extremely high amounts of antioxidants. These help in hair growth. It also helps to reduce problems like dandruff and extremely dry scalp. Catechins present in green tea contain a good amount of 5-alpha-reductase. This chemical has the unique property of blocking Dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the mains reasons behind extreme hair fall.

It even helps to stimulate new hair growth.

6. Protection from damage caused due to UV Rays

Green tea helps a lot to block the harmful effects of the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Green tea contains tannic acid, polyphenols, and theobromine. These help a lot to soothe as well as heal the areas of your skin that have undergone sunburn. It acts by neutralizing the damage that has been caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Several types of research conducted by scientist all over the globe claim that EGCG that is present in Green tea helps to prevent a type of skin cancer. It actually inhibits the inflammation process.

7. Green tea helps to make your hair very shiny and beautiful

Green tea not only helps to make your hair healthy and strong but also helps to make them shiny and full of vigor. It also helps to protect your hair from damage caused due to excess of pollution and chemical products. Green tea contains high levels of vitamin C and E as well as panthenol, which helps to keep your hair well conditioned.

8. Green tea Helps to shrink and close open pores in your skin

On account of the presence of astringent properties, it helps to shrink large pores present on the skin which may get clogged at times and becomes infected with bacteria. Hence, it also helps to make your skin soft and elastic.

9. Green tea also helps to exfoliate your skin

Green tea also helps to make your rough skin a bit smoother. Exfoliation means that your old dead skin cells are removed completely while new skin cells are allowed to take their place as a replacement.

10. Green tea makes your nails shiny

It is a fact well proven that green tea helps to make your nails beautiful. Women often like to keep long nails with the good and proper shape. Green tea will surely help you to achieve that very easily. If you consume green tea on a daily basis, then it is bound to make your nails shiny and strong! It helps to prevent your nails from getting brittle.

How to Use Green Tea as a Face Pack

Green Tea as a Face Pack

Well, now that you have read the points I have just mentioned here in the above lines, I must mention at this very juncture that Green Tea can also be used as a face pack along with having it on a daily basis.

  1. Oats and Milk with the Green tea special face pack:- You can just some green tea leaves. Then add to it approximately 3-4 teaspoonfuls of milk in a container. With this mixture add a half teaspoonful oats. Keep this aside now. After 4-5 minutes, as the oats become a bit softer just mash it with your fingers and then apply it gently on your face. Keep it as it is for 20 minutes to let it dry. This treatment can be done 2 times in every week. It will help you to get a glowing and shiny skin.
  2. Green tea and cucumber juice face pack: – When you are having very large pores on your face, it can seem to be very embarrassing indeed. But this unique face pack will surely help to get rid of such a problem. Just take half cup boiling water and add to it half teaspoonful of leaves of green tea. Allow it to boil for some time and then strain the green tea. Take a cucumber slice and extract its juice in a juicer. Mix this juice with that mixture. Apply it on your face and then wait for 10-12 minutes. Then wash it off gently and do repeat this at least once in two days. You can also do this daily. You will soon see that your large pores will start shrinking.
  3. Green tea with sugar face pack:- This one is to be done for better exfoliation. You just have to take one spoonful of honey and mix it with half teaspoonful of green tea. After mixing them, just apply gently to your face in a circular fashion. After scrubbing for 2-3 minutes, leave for some more time. After 20 minutes, you can wash it. This remedy will help you to get a very smooth and healthy skin.
  4. Green tea along with neem face pack: – This one is just the thing you may need to remove that acne on your face. In half cup of water, just add a half teaspoonful of green tea and about 6 neem leaves. Then allow it to boil until it turns reddish in color. Let the mixture now cool for some time and add some amounts of Multani mitti. After mixing well, it is time to apply on your face. You can do this application twice a week for good results. Apply this mixture twice a week for the best results.
  5. Green tea with milk cream added to it: – This mixture is an excellent remedy for dry skin. When your skin becomes very dry and flaky, it is time for you act and not just tolerate it. When you add this mixture to your face your face is bound to appear bright and shiny after a few weeks. Just add a teaspoonful of milk cream to half spoonful of green tea leaves. After mixing these two well, keep it for 5 minutes. Then just mix again before applying gently to your face. After keeping this mask for 20 to 22 minutes, just wash it off. But do remember that this face mask is an only for those with dry skin and not for those with excessively oily skin.
  6. Green tea, besan and turmeric face pack: – This one is the best for fairness. Just add half spoon of leaves of green tea with 2 pinches of turmeric, and one spoon of besan. Add some amount of milk to this and mix properly. After keeping aside for some time, apply it gently on your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
  7. Green tea and egg white face pack: – This one is for those who want to look pretty and young all the time. The early signs of aging include wrinkles all over your face, To avoid this, you can use this mixture and apply for few weeks until you start to see the results with your very own eyes. Add some egg white with green tea leaves and after mixing evenly just apply on your face. When it becomes very dry, just rinse it well. Follow this twice a week for 2 to 3 months.
  8. Green tea normal face pack for toning your skin: – This toning can be done for all types of skin Just add some orange juice with half spoon of green tea leaves. Mix them well and then apply carefully on the face. After 15-20 minutes, you can wash it off. This face pack will ensure that you get a much-toned skin.

So, what do you conclude?

Is Green tea not the as wonderful solution to all your problems related to your beauty? You can as well see for yourself that Green Tea can come to so much of use in enhancing your health while helping to fight your chances of suffering from the deadly disease known as ‘Cancer’! There is no substitute for Green tea when it comes to overall health and beauty enhancement!

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