Health Benefits of Mint Leaves & Uses of Mint Leaves for Face

Mint and fresh are synonymous to each other! Yes, you heard that right! These two properties are actually associated with the mint leaves. You can resort to mint if want to have a fresh breath all the time or you to flavor your new dish. It can actually help to make your mood better. But are you aware of the fact that mint leaves also possess some health benefits?

Now, it is time for me to have a sneak peek into the benefits of mint.

Peppermint—A Brief

Peppermint is indeed a very popular herb. We all know mint for its distinct aroma and great medicinal value. It has greenish leaves of the shape of a lance. It also possesses a cool refreshing flavor. Due to the presence of its menthol smell, cooling effect, and refreshing aroma, it finds application in several products that we use in our homes such as toothpaste, ointments, bath preparations, etc.

Health Benefits of Peppermint leaves

The peppermint leaves are very much rich in vitamins C and A, potassium, iron, and fiber but they are very low in calories. This is why they find use in the preparation of herbal medicines. They do have the following health benefits.

  1. It helps to improve the liver functions
  2. It acts as a natural remedy for common cold as well as flu
  3. It helps to cure respiratory issues
  4. It helps to kill bad breath
  5. It has the ability to fight cancer
  6. It helps to treat fever
  7. It is proven to aid in good memory
  8. It acts as anti-bacterial agent
  9. It helps to reduce a headache
  10. It is also known to increase female fertility
  11. It helps to maintain your skin health
  12. It is effective in the treatment of dandruff
  13. It is also an ingredient of chocolates as well as candies.

1. Improvement of Liver Function

Want to have a healthy and proper functioning of your liver? You can just opt for the evergreen peppermint leaves. If you chew the peppermint leaves raw it is also a very good option. Peppermint leaves help to improve the functions of your liver by helping to improve the flow of bile to the gallbladder from the liver. Fresh peppermint leaves also help in the digestion process by actually helping in the breakdown of the fats molecules and reducing the bad cholesterol present in your blood. It also helps to soothe the digestive system by and also gives relief from the symptoms of irritable bowels that may also include severing muscular spasms of your stomach.

2. A Natural Remedy For common cold

If you are just damn tired of sneezing and blowing your nose all the time, you just need some good remedy to kill those bacteria as well as viruses that cause your common cold. Peppermint is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Wondering why it will work? Well, the menthol is present on the peppermint leaves helps to thin the mucus and even eliminate phlegm. Thus it helps to provide relief from a severe cough and nasal congestion. Menthol is generally used as an ingredient in rubs that you use on the chest to even relieve chest aches that all of us experience during a cold. Mint has a soothing and numbing effect.

3. Helps to treat Respiratory Issues

When you suffer from instant coughs you can be sure that you are having lung problems. So whenever you sense a bit of discomfort within your lungs, just add peppermint to the diet you are having.

Peppermint leaves have rosemarinic acid that helps in fighting asthma. This is because it has antioxidant properties, which help to neutralize the free radicals and help to block the formation of pro-inflammatory chemicals like leukotrienes. What is more, it even facilitates the formation of substances known as prostacyclins, which help to keep the airways open to ease breathing.

4. Helps to kill Bad Breath

We all are aware of the fact that peppermint can do wonders when it comes to reducing bad breath. This is why it one of the major ingredients in toothpaste as well as chewing gums.

Because of its cool aroma, mint leaf extracts can be a wonderful substitute to chlorhexidine, a chemical mouthwash in order to prevent bad breath. Even just chewing the mint leaves will also give you a cool refreshing effect.

5. It acts as an Anti Cancer agent

Mint is even known to kill the cancerous cells. According to a research conducted by scientists, mint leaves contain a phytonutrient. It is proven to stop the growth of the malignant tumors in the liver, pancreas, and the mammary glands. Mint also contains menthol that inhibits the growth of prostate cancer.

6. It helps to treat Fever

Having tea with peppermint added to it may help in bringing the ypur fever down gently and that too without any medicine. It does not have any adverse effect on the body. Peppermint leaves are basically known to help in the induction of histamines in the body, which in turn helps to bring down seasonal fever.

7. Enhances Memory

Do you always tend to forget where you had kept your books or the car keys? Well, it is time to try the refreshing and cool peppermint leaves that will help you a lot to boost your memory.

The strong aroma that is present in peppermint leaves helps to enhance your memory and also increases your mental alertness.

8. Acts as Anti-Bacterial Agent

If you take peppermint leaves you can keep away all the disease-causing germs.

Peppermint leaves can help a lot to stop the growth of various types of disease-causing bacteria some of which include Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteritis. They are even effective to inhibit the growth of several types of fungus. They are extremely useful in treating infantile colic.

9. It helps to treat Headache

A headache is a severe issue that affects most of us all the time. A headache is actually the manifestation of a cause. We often find it very difficult to work when suffering from a severe headache. Menthol is the best solution to it. The balms we use during headaches contain a good amount of menthol which soothes and relieves us from the pain.

10. Increases Female fertility

This is why mint must become an essential part of your diet. It helps a lot to help increase fertility in women.

11. Aids in Digestion

If you feel uneasy after eating excessively just know that it is a very common story. What you can do is have mint. It is not only tasty but also soothes your tummy. It helps to fight indigestion.

12. Maintenance of Skin Health

Peppermint leaves can help a lot to get smooth, well nourished and shiny skin. The nutrients that are present in mint leaves help to tone the skin and shrink pores. Vitamins A and C which are present in it are powerful antioxidants which help to fight inflammation and red marks on the skin. Peppermint leaves are often used as the ingredient in several topical creams to treat a variety of skin problems. Since mint is a natural ingredient it has no such side effects.

13. Popular Ingredient in Chocolates and Candies

Peppermint often finds use in the production of several types of chocolates and commercial candies, which we all love.

Benefits of mint leaves for your Face

Uses of Mint Leaves

1. Removal of dark spots:

Mint leaves help to give you a refreshed face. You will definitely look young and fresh when you apply a face pack with mint in it. Just crush some mint leaves and apply it by making a paste out of it. They help to remove the dark spots from your face and help to give you a better look.

2. Helps to Deal with stubborn pimples and Acne

Without any doubt, it can be said that we all face the times of problems like acne and pimples. The cooling effect of the menthol present ion the mint leaves helps to get rid of the irritation and inflammation that we suffer at times. It helps to reduce the acne and pimples by getting rid of the bacteria that cause these.

3. Prevents the formation of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the early signs of aging. When you see wrinkles appear on your face, you can understand this is just the beginning. So, why delay? Just get rid of these wrinkles. Just apply a face pack of a mixture of curd, mint leaves, and honey. And you will start seeing results within months.

4. Excellent exfoliation

Mint leaves also help in exfoliation of the face skin. You will feel better after sing a scrub having mint in it.Bottom of Form

So, what do you finally infer?

Hope, you have read all these above-mentioned points well. The next time, when you have running nose and enlarged tonsils, or digestive problems or pimples, do not think twice before using mint!

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